Value for holders

Utility. Community.

1. Utility with HelioX

HelioX is the pro version of the Helio payment platform aimed at Web3 builders and power users.

The core benefit is 50% reduced fees on Ethereum transactions;

as well as enterprise features & support including unlimited access to the API. Holders of the HelioX pass benefit from a perpetual subscription to HelioX on Ethereum. Over the next 24 months we expect 10,000s of creators and merchants to receive payments on Helio putting upward floor price pressure for HelioX passes.
For comparison, we first launched HelioX on Solana in September 2022 and 1,000s of merchants & creators already subscribe by holding 2x Helions NFT in their connected wallet OR by paying a monthly fee of $100 via a Helio subscription.
The utility and demand for HelioX passes is directly linked to our ability to offer a great Web3 payments platform. Rather than focus on future promises, we prefer to reflect on what we've achieved to date (see below👇) to give holders confidence we ship quality products at high velocity. We've built at break-neck speed since February 2022 and continue to execute on a visionary near & long term roadmap.
Shipping quality product features at high velocity

2. Community

Community has been central to our vision of building the best payments platform in Web3 from day #1. Our Solana NFT project, Helions has been a huge success with trading volume of $5M to date and a vibrant community.
Helions have also been an effective marketing vehicle to gain product feedback, fine tune use cases, and onboard new customers & ambassadors for Helio. As a result, we've experienced rapid growth and became the go-to choice for Solana payments, especially among the NFT & builders communities with more than 1,000 merchant customers and over 50,000 unique active wallets,
We now see an opportunity to replicate this community-first strategy with HelioX pass on Ethereum. This is a unique opportunity to join a community of high quality Web3 builders & power users that innovate at the cutting edge of the Web3.

Learn & grow together with 1,000's of like-minded Web3 innovators. Share knowledge, new use cases, technologies and hold the HelioX pass to gain exclusive access to community prize pools