Our mission

So the opportunity in Web3 payments is significant. Our mission, vision and values reflect this ambition

Our mission & vision

Blockchain & Web3 technology have the potential to dramatically improve the way payments work on the internet simply because it’s cheaper and faster to send money directly to anyone, anywhere without the need for intermediaries such as banks.

"Payments are the ultimate blockchain killer app, promising lower fees, instant settlement for merchants, and increased privacy & friction-free checkouts for users. Our goal is to bring these benefits to 100s of millions of users over time by lowering the barriers of using Web3 technology and offering a familiar payment UX”, - Stijn Paumen, CEO of Helio.

That's exactly the opportunity we address as captured by our mission statement:

"Accelerate the adoption of Web3 payments"

Making Web3 payments usable wth a familar UX
We want to enjoy the day-to-day building but we also want to deliver a lasting company that can increase the wealth of our employees & investors, our community of holders, and crucially make a lasting difference serving a large number of customers over time. That means we take a long term view and fast forward 10+ years to articulate the vision we want to achieve.
As discussed, 900b digital transactions were processed using Web2 solutions growing at ~19% YoY and the average transaction cost was ~$0.10 + ~2.5%. We want to radically increase this capacity and dramatically lower the costs of accepting payments on the internet. We want to build Helio into a platform that can handle trillions of transactions and our vision is to ultimately:

"Displace traditional payments systems”


Our Values

We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with our teams and community. We welcome feedback and criticism so we can improve and let the best ideas flourish.
Nothing matters unless our actions reflect honesty and we treat everyone equally and with respect.
Glass half full vs. half empty
We focus on the positive and look for solutions & opportunities rather than emphasise the negative.
Customer value
We build products that deliver meaningful value to our customers. We always ask ourselves: does this solve a real problem for our customer and do we solve it at least 2x better than existing alternatives?
We don’t give up
It will be hard to fulfil our mission. If it was easy, everyone else would be doing it too. What makes us different is that we won't give up until we get there.