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A unique opportunity to join our mission...🚀

⚡️Supply: 7,500

⚡️Price: FREE

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How to earn your HelioX pass WL?

The objective of the HelioX pass is to build a long term, well-balanced community of +5k unique holders by offering significant upside via NFT ownership; and at the same time provide a cost-efficient model for our customers to access key features of the Helio payments platform.
Helio is a team of 15 core members and we've partnered with Global Blders, a team of 12 mods, collab managers & alpha hunters to execute on the Ethereum go-to-market strategy. To achieve our objectives we will allocate WL spots on the following basis:
  • A sizeable share of WLs are reserved for collaborations with key ETH projects
  • Holders of +10 Helions (our Solana NFT) earn an automatic HelioX pass for each of 10x Helions NFTs that they hold. A Helions snapshot will be taken 10 days prior to mint and eligible holders can claim the relevant HelioX WL (e.g WL-Qty) in our Discord. You need to pay full royalties on Helions to be eligible
  • Pre-mint ETH projects that decide to use Helio for pre-sales will earn an automatic whitelist allocation
  • Community participation: our team of collab managers will closely follow activity levels of the community and reward individuals who demonstrate exceptional participation on Twitter, spaces and in Discord
  • Proof of usage: community members that use Helio for their ETH payments needs and post proof in the Helio discord will have a chance of being selected for a WL spot. Follow the eth-proof channel in our discord
  • A limited number of spots will be sold via a Helio Pay Link (x-chain) in our Discord (date TBD). Holders that manage to pre-purchase will avoid paying gas fees on ETH as the NFT will be airdropped on mint day
  • ~500 HelioX passes to be minted by the Helio treasury (to be used for community promos and giveaways over time)
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