Helions -> HelioX pass

Helions are upgrading to HelioX pass. Here's everything you need to know.

What are Helions?

Last year, Helions descended to Solana when we minted out our collection of 10,000 female & male Solar Sentinels on 22 September 2022.

The aim of the NFT was to deliver ultimate utility, rewards & powerful art in a single NFT. See the OG whitepaper here.

How have Helions fared?

We succeeded on the utility front as we built out the leading payments platform in Web3 and more than 3,000 sellers used Helions as a subscription to HelioX, the pro version of Helio with the lowest fees and best features.

We also paid out ~$6 in credit rewards per Helion, or a 20% return based on the current FP. Our community has been incredible throughout.

The upgrade: HelioX pass

Helions will now upgrade to HelioX pass. Why?

  1. Better align the NFT with Helio’s utility brand

  2. Increase the value of the NFT

Holders will be able to upgrade the NFT on the 1st year anniversary of the mint on 22 September 2023. The upgrade is FREE!

What's the value for holders?

The same plus MORE....

  • In addition to Solana we've added support for Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin over the past year. HelioX pass on Solana will act as a multi-chain subscription to HelioX across all supported chains (and future chains).

  • The HeloX subscription requirement will be reduced from holding 2 to 1 NFTs

  • Credit rewards remain unchanged -> 10% of Solana fee go to the credit rewards wallet

  • Helio Wallet for web2 onboarding will be created on Solana by default and folks can be the helioX pass directly from the Helio dashboard


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